Here are some of our handmade gourmet chocolates & biscotti

Our Turtle Turtles    

Not only are they shaped like turtles but they embody

everything a turtle is meant to be.

Chewy caramel, rich chocolate and only the finest nuts

"I think i've had enough peanut butter and chocolate.."

 Said no one ever! Pop's Biscotti & Chocolates is home to the world famous Peanut Butter Pyramid, we put our home-made peanut butter cream into a chocolate pyramid shell, and drizzled it with peanut butter chocolate. Creamy and crunchy in beautiful harmony and the rest is just history.

For those looking for a taste of the wild side, we present our Ancho Chile Chocolates. Smooth dark chocolate mixed with Ancho chile powder, shaped into little peppers and topped with roasted pumpkin seeds. The sweet, the salt, and the spice!

Delicious chocolate is only half of what we do! Biscotti lovers can find over 30 flavors of our perfect mini Biscotti. From classics like Anise and Almond, to more unique flavors like Cinnimon Pecan and Ultimate Chocolate. And if you cant decide, we always have the variety box! 10 flavors (20 biscotti) perfect for a gift, or a biscotti binge.

We can help take the stress out of gift giving. A platter or basket from Pop's Biscotti & Chocolates makes the absolute perfect gift for any occasion. Stop in or give us a call to custom order an assorment of any size, and any flavors of Chocolate and Biscotti. Or if you're in a rush, just stop by and we can put one together on the spot!